A medical nutriment has supportive value in the treatment of colorectal cancer

Jakab F, Shoenfeld Y, Balogh Á, Nichelatti M, Hoffmann A, Kahán Z, Lapis K, Mayer Á, Sápy P, Szetntpétery F, Telekes A, Thurzó L, Vágvölgyi A, Hidvégi M (2003): A medical nutriment has supportive value in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Br J Cancer. 89(3):465-9.

Avemar (MSC) is a medical nutriment of which preclinical and observational clinical studies suggested an antimetastatic activity with no toxicity. This open-label cohort trial has compared anticancer treatments plus Avemar (9 g once daily) vs anticancer treatments alone in colorectal patients, enrolled from three oncosurgical centres; cohort allocation was on the basis of patients’ choice. Sixty-six colorectal cancer patients received MSC supplement for more than 6 months and 104 patients served as controls (anticancer therapies alone): no statistical difference was noted in the time from diagnosis to the last visit between the two groups. End-point analysis revealed that progression-related events were significantly less frequent in the MSC group (new recurrences: 3.0 vs 17.3%, Po0.01; new metastases: 7.6 vs 23.1%, Po0.01; deaths: 12.1 vs 31.7%, Po0.01). Survival analysis showed significant improvements in the MSC group regarding progression-free (P ¼ 0.0184) and overall survivals (P ¼ 0.0278) probabilities. Survival predictors in Cox’s proportional hazards were UICC stage and MSC treatment. Continuous supplementation of anticancer therapies with MSC for more than 6 months is beneficial to patients with colorectal cancer in terms of overall and progression-free survival.

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